Why do Humans Thirst for Fear?


We all know the feeling of fear; some of us even chase it down. We can’t wait for it, the clicking of the coaster engaging with the lift hill, going up, up, and up. Higher and higher. Your heart begins to race. You begin to sweat and let the fear consume you. In another scenario, it’s dark. The hallways are long and narrow and you don’t know if anyone is there, and they could pop out any second. Your heart is pounding almost out of your chest. Yet, somehow, for some reason, you feel alive. You want to do it again, and so you do. Afterwards, you feel oddly attached to those around you. You feel good. So, how is it that fear makes you feel good? And, more importantly, why do we need fear?

 haunted houses in new england - fear factory of terror MA
Controlled-chaos is invigorating. It is inspiring. It builds trusts and bonds. The feeling of crazy incidents happening for entertainment and pleasure is a great feeling. It’s the ability to take hold of fear and control it so that we can learn to enjoy it. Fear is something that most people run away from, as it is your brain’s expectation of pain or suffering. However, controlled fear is something that can bring us together.


Have you ever taken a date to a haunted house? The further you descend into that madhouse, the tighter you hold each other’s hands. The closer you get to one another. The more you see the importance of fear.


Being scared with somebody develops a bond because you are both experiencing the same terrifying experience. You hold hands to know that the other is still there in that moment with you, experiencing what you’re experiencing. Seeing what you’re seeing. These controlled environments build trust and a bond with one another because you know you will conquer the fear. You know you will get through the dark, gloomy hallways, which allows you to have fun and bond with each other on a very deep and personal level.


It’s odd to realize that we need fear. But, knowing that fear and experiencing fear with someone else develops a trust and relationship that is far deeper than one may first think is a truly life-altering moment. Seeing fear as an opportunity instead of a danger is a way we can take fear by the horns and have it operate how we want it to.




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